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1. For an easy to use technical support website visit or to speak to a technical support personal please call 1-877-925-3700.

2. Make sure to perform cleaning and maintenance cycles on your printer when you replace cartridges. 

3. Keep your printer free from dust and debris. Taking the printer cartridge out and wiping the cartridge and the printer cartridge holder can often fix some printing problems.

4. We recommend purchasing a back up cartridge when low ink warning appears.  To get the full page yield out of your cartridge, change the cartridge as soon as parts of letters are missing from your print job.  Attempting to print with an empty cartridge may result in damage to the print head. If the print head is damaged, it can also damage the cartridge resulting in the cartridge not being able to be refilled the next time around. 

5. To prevent the print head from drying, never leave an empty cartridge in your printer.  Store the empty cartridges in a sealed plastic bag. Store unused/unopened cartridges in a cold place. Use the refrigerator, if possible. If stored properly, refilled cartridges have a shelf life of up to three years.

6. Try not to mix different brand cartridges together as each manufacturer uses different ink formulas designed for their brand.  Mixing brands may result in poor print quality.

7. Always have a spare set of cartridges available when ready to change cartridges. You should never remove an old cartridge without immediately replacing it. If the cartridge is not immediately replaced, the print head may dry out, which could permanently clog and damage it. 

8. To correct print problems, perform the printer cleaning and maintenance procedures found in your printer manual. 

9. If the cleaning cycle fails to produce a quality print, it may be necessary to "prime" the cartridge. Lightly place print head (where the ink comes out) on a paper towel moistened with warm DISTILLED or FILTERED water until ink begins to bleed onto the paper towel then reinstall the cartridge.  Do not wipe the print head, blot only.
10. If printer gives an error message perform the following steps EXACTLY; remove all cartridges, unplug printer from wall while it is turned on and wait AT LEAST 10 MINUTES (timing VERY important; it takes 8-10 minutes to clear error).  While waiting, take a pencil eraser and gently rub over the contact area (area where cartridge communicates with printer).  DO NOT RUB PRINT HEAD (where the ink comes out). Plug printer back in and install cartridges. 
11. Beware of Firmware Updates!
      By allowing firmware updates, you may potentially lock out the use of remanufactured cartridges.  Be sure to read/research the suggested updates before clicking "YES" to be sure that you are not telling your printer to only accept OEM products.
12. "Alignment Failed/Problem/Error Messages" on your All-In-One Printer
      Have you seen an error message similar to this when installing a new cartridge or when attempting to print?  Try cleaning the glass on your scanner!  If your glass is not clean or has dust, it may not properly detect the colors on the print test and will not properly align.
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